​⏳ The Right Time ! ⌛

We have heard people saying that only change remains the constant thing in the world. But when given a thought it is observed that change is always there but not at the same pace. Sometimes it’s slow,  sometimes flexible, sometimes faster and sometime too slow that we even can not understand.
Today we live in a world where things are changing so randomly that only the best can survive. How do we define the best or be one of them?

We can not but can make others..!

Half of the growth of a human takes place between teenage & twenties. We are almost done with it. We have already decided our own philosophy (way of life).

Sometime we blame old people for their odd or stubborn behaviour. They are not prone to the change rather to accept the change. It it just because they were not exposed to the real/practical world at their Right Time. For example, if we give constraints to small sapling we can even mould a tree into a desired shape but once it grew up we have no option. Either have to adjust with it or cut it down. We have left with very little time for it but we can make our younger ones the best philosophers of all the time. Just expose them to the world and let them explore themselves at the RIGHT TIME ⌚⏳

– An Indian Traveller


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