It might be the only word that everyone wants to have in others dictionary but not in their own.We human beings, the experts of all arts, often forget our intangible world in the race of existence. We live momentarily. Without even thinking of the surrounding situations often we commit mistakes , sometimes unforgivable and unforgettable.For the volatile group of people, they come and go, it doesn’t make any difference. Even we keep those mistakes unnoticed.

But there’s always a limited number of your best deeds, admirers & your beloved ones. Hurting them is always an unforgivable offence. Most of the time it’s not you but the situation you fallen wanted you to act wrongly, but no one blames the situation being it an intangible asset.

The word , Believe plays very important role in their relationship now. If they are really the best deeds, trust each other, then one who commits it has to accept his mistakes.  The other one has to forgive, I know it requires a great heart to accept that mistakes but if you trust yourself it’s the easiest task for you. Only you can forgive him, take him back to the goodbox of life, Cause no one can forgive himself in such cases….

Have a day with big heart…❤

– An Indian Traveller


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