Dream, a thoughtful story of the mind, Where does it lead?

To the tomorrow, that’s where our destination lies.

We, the human beings never believe in uncertainties but blindly follow the palmistry when it comes to the tomorrow.

Well said, “Things may seem too hard today but to set him free tomorrow there’ll be the sunshine.”

The traveller says,”tomorrow never arrives, so true, but it always leaves it’s trails in the form of ‘today‘ and moves ahead.”

No matter how worse the situation may turn , remember it always remains the next blank page of life where we have to write our destiny. Give your best today that your tomorrow will certainly come with a surprising hope.

– An Indian Traveller



It might be the only word that everyone wants to have in others dictionary but not in their own.We human beings, the experts of all arts, often forget our intangible world in the race of existence. We live momentarily. Without even thinking of the surrounding situations often we commit mistakes , sometimes unforgivable and unforgettable.For the volatile group of people, they come and go, it doesn’t make any difference. Even we keep those mistakes unnoticed.

But there’s always a limited number of your best deeds, admirers & your beloved ones. Hurting them is always an unforgivable offence. Most of the time it’s not you but the situation you fallen wanted you to act wrongly, but no one blames the situation being it an intangible asset.

The word , Believe plays very important role in their relationship now. If they are really the best deeds, trust each other, then one who commits it has to accept his mistakes.  The other one has to forgive, I know it requires a great heart to accept that mistakes but if you trust yourself it’s the easiest task for you. Only you can forgive him, take him back to the goodbox of life, Cause no one can forgive himself in such cases….

Have a day with big heart…❤

– An Indian Traveller

​⏳ The Right Time ! ⌛

We have heard people saying that only change remains the constant thing in the world. But when given a thought it is observed that change is always there but not at the same pace. Sometimes it’s slow,  sometimes flexible, sometimes faster and sometime too slow that we even can not understand
Today we live in a world where things are changing so randomly that only the best can survive. How do we define the best or be one of them?

We can not but can make others..!

Half of the growth of a human takes place between teenage & twenties. We are almost done with it. We have already decided our own philosophy (way of life).

Sometime we blame old people for their odd or stubborn behaviour. They are not prone to the change rather to accept the change. It it just because they were not exposed to the real/practical world at their Right Time. For example, if we give constraints to small sapling we can even mould a tree into a desired shape but once it grew up we have no option. Either have to adjust with it or cut it down. We have left with very little time for it but we can make our younger ones the best philosophers of all the time. Just expose them to the world and let them explore themselves at the RIGHT TIME ⌚⏳

– An Indian Traveller


There are only two people round the world who care for us,  we ourselves and our parents. The later is always a little conservative. 
When a child is born to the parents, they enjoy his progress, his first walk, the first word he spoke and what not… This child, out of the curiosity, builds his passion to live. 

Childhood, a time when everyone is both self-motivated and look up to our parents to learn the world. As we grow, passion, it makes the difference between every individual. We often stuck in between our passion and ours parents’ expectations. The one who is able preserve his passion and not letting compassion go down, his parents are the luckiest one in the world then. Construct yourself within this range and behold the Satisfaction.

Biggest civilizations have fallen off and rose again, being it’s citizens are always passionate and so do the Houses… 

– An Indian Traveller


Birth, a state of mind with nothing inside but the curiosity to know and voyage the life, and Death, the only stop on this journey , are connected by a very simple and delecate thread known as time.On this journey the first and foremost thing we learn (rather we need) is an ability to Believe. Whatever comes to you, whatever you want to do, you might be fully equipped or better equipped than your competitors, unless you believe You can, unless you believe that the things you are aiming are only yours, You can’t win it.
Relations, no matter with whom, that perk up this journey are the projected views of one’s belief on you. The first one, with our parents, is the best example. We learn to believe this world only with our parents. After that first we try to believe on people (a must safety check) then accept their existence. Once you believe never look back, no matter you face ups and downs in the relationship, whatever be the reason no one intends to hurt you, it’s just the situation you fallen at that time.Just remember, this thread of time is too delecate, don’t even try to break it for someone who believed you every now and then. You know where it leads

– An Indian Traveller