There are only two people round the world who care for us,  we ourselves and our parents. The later is always a little conservative. When a child is born to the parents, they enjoy his progress, his first walk, the first word he spoke and what not... This child, out of the curiosity, builds his … Continue reading ​Passion



It might be the only word that everyone wants to have in others dictionary but not in their own.We human beings, the experts of all arts, often forget our intangible world in the race of existence. We live momentarily. Without even thinking of the surrounding situations often we commit mistakes , sometimes unforgivable and unforgettable.For … Continue reading Forgive 

​Dreams !

We all have read stories that made the world to wonder at, to learn from and inspired a thousand souls. What sparks such people to discover the hidden legend within themselves? Our mind is a great author. It never stops thinking and the thoughts with a story make a Dream! An artist first creates the … Continue reading ​Dreams !


Birth, a state of mind with nothing inside but the curiosity to know and voyage the life, and Death, the only stop on this journey , are connected by a very simple and delecate thread known as time.On this journey the first and foremost thing we learn (rather we need) is an ability to Believe. … Continue reading ​Believe


Dream, a thoughtful story of the mind, Where does it lead? To the tomorrow, that's where our destination lies. We, the human beings never believe in uncertainties but blindly follow the palmistry when it comes to the tomorrow.   Well said, "Things may seem too hard today but to set him free tomorrow there'll be … Continue reading ​Tomorrow!

​⏳ The Right Time ! ⌛

We have heard people saying that only change remains the constant thing in the world. But when given a thought it is observed that change is always there but not at the same pace. Sometimes it's slow,  sometimes flexible, sometimes faster and sometime too slow that we even can not understand. Today we live in … Continue reading ​⏳ The Right Time ! ⌛