Dream, a thoughtful story of the mind, Where does it lead?

To the tomorrow, that’s where our destination lies.

We, the human beings never believe in uncertainties but blindly follow the palmistry when it comes to the tomorrow.

Well said, “Things may seem too hard today but to set him free tomorrow there’ll be the sunshine.”

The traveller says,”tomorrow never arrives, so true, but it always leaves it’s trails in the form of ‘today‘ and moves ahead.”

No matter how worse the situation may turn , remember it always remains the next blank page of life where we have to write our destiny. Give your best today that your tomorrow will certainly come with a surprising hope.

– An Indian Traveller


​Dreams !

We all have read stories that made the world to wonder at, to learn from and inspired a thousand souls. What sparks such people to discover the hidden legend within themselves?
Our mind is a great author. It never stops thinking and the thoughts with a story make a Dream!

An artist first creates the art in his mind, an engineer must imagine the working model of a mechanism before start of the work. Dreams are the solutions for real life problems. We all dream for something but to achieve it we must ‘dream the reaching‘ in our own minds before we actually arrive at it.

Never stop Dreaming, things are not that hard unless we mean them to be..

– An Indian Traveller