Birth, a state of mind with nothing inside but the curiosity to know and voyage the life, and Death, the only stop on this journey , are connected by a very simple and delecate thread known as time.On this journey the first and foremost thing we learn (rather we need) is an ability to Believe. Whatever comes to you, whatever you want to do, you might be fully equipped or better equipped than your competitors, unless you believe You can, unless you believe that the things you are aiming are only yours, You can’t win it.
Relations, no matter with whom, that perk up this journey are the projected views of one’s belief on you. The first one, with our parents, is the best example. We learn to believe this world only with our parents. After that first we try to believe on people (a must safety check) then accept their existence. Once you believe never look back, no matter you face ups and downs in the relationship, whatever be the reason no one intends to hurt you, it’s just the situation you fallen at that time.Just remember, this thread of time is too delecate, don’t even try to break it for someone who believed you every now and then. You know where it leads

– An Indian Traveller