There are only two people round the world who care for us,  we ourselves and our parents. The later is always a little conservative. 
When a child is born to the parents, they enjoy his progress, his first walk, the first word he spoke and what not… This child, out of the curiosity, builds his passion to live. 

Childhood, a time when everyone is both self-motivated and look up to our parents to learn the world. As we grow, passion, it makes the difference between every individual. We often stuck in between our passion and ours parents’ expectations. The one who is able preserve his passion and not letting compassion go down, his parents are the luckiest one in the world then. Construct yourself within this range and behold the Satisfaction.

Biggest civilizations have fallen off and rose again, being it’s citizens are always passionate and so do the Houses… 

– An Indian Traveller